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Join us in changing the world through the written word.


A Bestselling Book by Paris Woods, Ed.D.

Through personal vignettes, research-backed framing, and practical tools, Dr. Woods presents a roadmap to financial freedom that is engaging, informative, and empowering for students and professionals alike.

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Who We Serve

Freedom Unlimited Press was founded by and for educators. We exist to help schools, nonprofits, and mission-driven companies inform and empower students and professionals of all ages.

Schools & School Districts

Institutions seeking culturally relevant financial literacy resources relevant to economics courses, senior seminars, workforce development programing, and more.

Nonprofit Organizations

Nonprofits that serve students of color, women, and African American membership seeking to amplify their impact through culturally relevant, informative, and engaging content.

Mission-Driven Companies

HR departments and affinity groups seeking engaging and relevant resources to support a thriving team and drive employee engagement, retention, and belonging.


Our featured publication has gained national recognition from media outlets and industry experts.


Practical and Wise

"With practical advice and a solid dose of big sister wisdom, Paris Woods shows you how to check your financial assumptions, reframe unhealthy attitudes about money, and figure out the path for your your unique financial journey."

Lynnette Khalfani-Cox

The Money Coach©, New York Times Bestselling Author

Unique and Achievable

"This book expertly blends the WHY and HOW of personal finance in a way few books do. I'd recommend this book to anyone looking to hone their personal finance knowledge and take achievable steps to achieving financial freedom."

Ryan Frailich

CFP, CSLP, Founder of Deliberate Finances

Personal and Compelling

“What makes this book stand out among the vast library of financial self-help coaching karma is the author's very personal and compelling experience, and her ability to frame that experience in a larger social context.״ 

Rachel Siegel

CFA, author of Personal Finance, v. 3.1 (Flatworld)

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